About Us

Our Mission

Founded in 2016 a group of motivated friends set out to make a difference:

“Making health more accessible through a fun and innovative ecosystem
while empowering those with the skills and desire to make a change.”

Our Story

Fitness Xpress Solutions, Inc. is a privately owned company, established in
Lincolnwood, IL, in 2016; founded by a group of 4 friends who seek out to make a
difference throughout the world. After listening to the concerns of friends and family, it
was apparent that “finding the right trainer” was a hard task. With physical fitness
locations being intimidating and the internet being diluted with false facts and myths;
finding a trusted trainer and getting the right health tips seemed to become more and
more difficult. Here came the the opportunity to stand up and make a difference. To
create a world where the gap between physical fitness and the digital world was bridged
together to better mankind. We decided to make a social environment that is easy to
use, connect with, and gain the confidence necessary to make the right health choices.
Stay connected to friends and family who motivate you, while being able to interact
and book sessions with the industries finest trainers. Of course, with big dreams
and aspirations, we didn’t stop there, as a simple concept evolved into a full fitness ecosystem.

More Than Just A Simple Service

We strived to create something better. So naturally, just connecting clients to trainers
was not enough and MyFitXpress was born: A simple to use social ecosystem for the
fitness world. MyFitXpress is now one of the first and only ecosystems that not only
allows clients to find the right trainer for them, but also allows them to stay connected
with and motivated by those they care about most. Along with this new service based
social concept, a Rewards System was put in place, because we at Fitness Xpress
Solutions, Inc. feel as though your hard work should be rewarded! This Rewards
System will allow you as a user to now get points for every dollar you spend. Points you
can then turn around and use as discounts on future sessions or on our fitness based
marketplace where you have access to thousands of top brand name fitness products
and nutrition. We have vowed to create an end to end solution for the fitness world.
Through a vision, hard work, and dedication, MyFitXpress is the first and only platform
allowing users to search, interact with, book and schedule a session with a trusted
trainer, rate, get rewarded, access top brand names of the fitness world, and stay connected.