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The Simplest 3 Day Detox Plan You’ll Ever Find

Looking for a way in which you can really kickstart your health in a quick and safe way? This 3-day detox plan is perfect for anybody wanting to make a positive change today, and is incredibly simple to follow. You won’t need any special equipment or expensive products to take part, and the whole thing is done in just a few days. Perfect!

Short detox plans such as this are ideal for those who struggle to adhere to restrictive diets over a period of time. Most of us can commit to three days of super-healthy living, but can struggle to stick to diets that often call for a completely different way of life for us to suddenly adhere to. The good news is that three days is all you need to safely and quickly clean out your body. Who knows, after you notice the benefits of your short detox, you may well be inspired to take more healthy steps to change your lifestyle.

The 3-day detox is really easy to execute, and there’s several different ways of going about it. Pick the one that best sits within your current tastes and lifestyle to make it easy to stick to. Do try to stay on track with the exact diet though, fiddling with it can ruin the detoxification process.


Day 1

Let’s start straightaway by cleaning out the system. Begin by drinking water first thing in the morning. Enjoy that water, because along with fresh fruit juice, this is going to be the only thing you’re allowed to drink from here on in (well, apart from the odd fruit juice anyway). When it comes to fresh fruit juice, make sure it really is fresh, and doesn’t contain any added sugars. The best way to ensure this is to juice your own.

For breakfast, a light wholegrain cereal is fine, alongside some fruit. At lunchtime, have yourself a portion of vegetables and some grilled fish. You’ll need a similar meal for dinner. You can either have the same as you had for lunch, or simply mix things up by using different vegetables or a different type of fish. If you’re not a vegetable fan, you could always eat some fruit alongside it, or go for a salad (just forget about any dressing though!).

Make sure you get out of the house for a little fresh air and exercise too. It needn’t be anything too strenuous: a brisk 30 minute walk should do the job.


fruit and veg

Day 2

Day 1 has given you a fantastic base to work from, so make sure that you carry on with your good work by sticking to the plan and building upon the detoxification process that you’ve started. It’s important to keep drinking plain water when you’re thirsty, and not any tea or coffee (and definitely not soda. I don’t care if it says ‘diet’ on it!). Drinking plenty of water helps to flush your body out, but don’t overdo it, as too much can disrupt your electrolyte levels.

Today’s breakfast is just fresh fruit and water. A healthy green salad (again, NO DRESSING!) will make up your lunch, and steamed fish with vegetables will be your more substantial dinner. You may start to notice a beneficial effect already on your skin, and the loss of any bloated feelings your stomach may have had.


Day 3

There’s no two ways about it today: you’re going to be hungry. That’s okay though, you’re on the last day, and once you tough this one out, you’ll have completed your detox. This is an easy meal plan to type out for day three –

Fruit and water.

Yep, keep yourself going with some of your favourite fruits, and be sure to include some vegetables at dinnertime to help stave off any nighttime hunger pangs. If you can schedule day three to be a day that you don’t need to expend too much energy, it’ll make it a whole lot easier for you. I wouldn’t recommend trying day three on your busiest workday for example, especially if you need to run a lot of other errands outside of your work too (shopping, cleaning etc.)

You should wake up on day four feeling a lot better, but probably pretty hungry! Try not to let everything slip straightaway by ordering in an Egg McMuffin and greasy hash browns though, and instead maybe go back to that wholegrain cereal, or some porridge instead. By seeing just how good you can feel with just a few days of detoxing, you may well feel like taking your first steps towards a healthy lifestyle